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Frequently Asked Questions

Our podcast room can comfortably handle one to four people in the podcast with individual microphones.

You don’t need anything if you only want the live cut video. If you wish for us to record the live cut and separate audio and video files, we can arrange to record the live cut and record on each device. It will take time for us to upload the files, so if you are in a rush, we recommend bringing your own media to record on.

Our Atomos video switcher can change between three cameras and the video feed on a laptop. The output from the Atmos is called a “live cut” and it can be live-streamed and recorded locally.

The live cut video with audio will be saved locally and can also be uploaded to a video site as a live stream or recorded. If desired, we can record to your media and you can leave with your files immediately after the session.

The live cut files are perfect for most people; however, you may wish to add an intro or outro to the video or edit out portions of the video.

The Atomos Ninja V+ records HD video to the MOV file format.

  1. 4 Rode professional microphones
  2. 5 Studio headphones 4 guest, 1 for an engineer)
  3. Rode podcast pro audio mixer
  4. 3 Sony Alpha cameras
  5. Atomos video switcher/recorder.
  6. Teleprompter for 10.5” iPad
  7. Studio Lighting
  8. Sound panels on 4 walls
  9. Grey paper background, green screen, and faux stone wall background. You can also display your own custom background
  10. Studio lighting

Absolutely –  we have a small but very skilled team that is happy to help with any size project.